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Jason Morrison aka Rebuild rescue is an American YouTube channel with over 600k subscribers.

It started 6 years ago and has 53 uploaded videos so far.

Their channel Rebuild rescue is posted in the categories of lifestyle and vehicle.

The majority of his revenue comes from the reconstructed aircraft, Yachts, and other discarded vehicles.

He navigates through the locations where such vehicles could be found and brings them to his warehouse.

He’s been doing pretty well at this stuff for a long time now.

Furthermore, his’s experienced and knowledge of motors engines and various other vehicle components help him to categorize them efficiently.

Exploring the areas in and around the abandoned vehicles is one of the ways he finds vehicles that are worth rebuilding.

Out of curiosity if your wonder if taking these unclaimed vehicles under his possession and working on them is an illegal activity then let me assure you that it’s absolutely fine to do this.

Rebuild rescue has a well-equipped warehouse with all the necessary tools and parts to fix vehicles.

If a vehicle is completely damaged and out of the rebuilding stage he then disassembles them and deports them to a recycling centre.

Jason’s video shooting gear and quality are up to notch.

His videos are highly engaging for the audiences as he takes them along with him through the journey of his vehicle transformations.

Personal Life (Wife Name)

For the most part, Jason Morrison likes to keep his personal life private, but we know that he is a married man. His wife’s name is not disclosed yet.

He Keeps his family and relationships away from his YouTube and social media.

On being asked why he mentioned that his girlfriend had a bad experience in Costa Rica when his YouTube channel suddenly started blowing up.

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He credits his motivation to start his YouTube channel to Sean from Biker Beards.

During the initial stages of his YouTube career, he juggled extremely hard to manage his video consistency along with his 9-to-5 job.

He started devoting his full-time to his channel Rebuild rescue after it started to become a profitable platform.

How much is rebuild Rescue Worth? (Net Worth)

The net worth of Rebuild rescue can be estimated at $1 million including his entire income source.

His main sources of income are YouTube Ads revenue, brand endorsement and affiliate marketing.

He doesn’t have a merchandise line of his own yet but planning to release some quality products under the Rebuild rescue brand.

Where is Rebuild Rescue YouTube located?

The channel is based in Coatesville Pennsylvania.

How old is Jason? (Age)

His real age is not revealed on any social sites but we believe he is in his 40s.

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