How Much Money Erik Normark Makes On YouTube- Net Worth

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Erik Normark Net worth- $50000

Erik Normark is an outdoor survivalist expert, filmmaker, freelance Photographer a YouTuber and former motorman of Green Cargo. Erik presently lives in the northern part of Skellefteå, Sweden with his family, where he spends more time in nature, exploring all seasons, solo backpacking in all weather.  He has an estimated net worth of $50000 mostly acquired from YouTube Ads.

Erik Normark was born in Västerbotten, Sweden with his other siblings.  There is no information about his parents but we do know that he loves outdoor camping, Bushcraft survival videos during his teens. 

How Much Money Erik Normark Earn on YouTube?

Overnight at Bjuröklubb Erik Normark
Overnight at Bjuröklubb Erik Normark

His channel has over 158k subscribers as of 2020 and has gained about 23.3 million views so far. Every week he uploads a video to his channel and his subscriber are growing exponentially at the rate of 1000 new subscribers every single day. Total upload video generates over 700 k page views per month. Therefore he is earning estimate revenue of $1000 per day ($12k annually) solely from YouTube ads that run on the video.

Youtuber earn about $2-$5 per 1000 views from YouTube partnered program at the share ratio of 60-40. USA, UK, CPC (cost per click) is higher than other Asian countries, i.e. earning fluctuates as per location of your traffic source, types of ads and other factors.

Erik makes more money through Amazon affiliate link that he embeds under his video’s description and some from sponsor deals.

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