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BatDad Net worth- $250000

BatDad real name is Blake Wilson an American nationality and a popular internet celebrity. He has an estimated net worth of $250000. Blake curiosity for creating videos started when he accidentally uploaded a video on “Vines” of him buying a Batman mask while shopping along with his kid. That video blew off right after an hour of upload with millions of views.  That fascinated him to create content but sadly Vines got shutdown.  Later in September 2013, he started “BatDad and Family” channel on YouTube.

Blake Wilson aka BatDad was married to Jennifer Smith, his high school girlfriend and the couple has four children.  He was born in Georgia on 20 December 1983 to Seed Wilson and Sydney Bartlett. Blake has two siblings Rob and Liz.  BatDad age is 37 years old as of now.

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In the year 2019 Jennifer filed divorce against her Husband Wilson in Florida court and the couple officially got separated in March 2019. He presently resides in Rosewell, Georgia with his family.

How Much Money Does BatDad Earn on YouTube?

His channel has 767k subscribers as of 2020 and has gained about 83 million views so far. Every week he subscribers every single day. He has uploaded only 51 videos to his channel, acquired more than half a million subscribers. His total uploaded video generates over 363 k page views per month. Therefore he is earning estimate revenue of $1000 per day ($12k annually) solely from YouTube ads that run on the video.

Youtuber earn about $2-$5 per 1000 views from YouTube partnered program at the share ratio of 60-40. USA, UK, CPC (cost per click) is higher than other Asian countries, i.e. earning fluctuates as per location of your traffic source, types of ads and other factors.

Aside from his YouTube earning Blake Wilson BatDad net worth grow every day from his Merchandise online store, Sponsorship, Brand endorsement. He also runs a twitch channel “Batdadgames” where he lives stream and chats with his followers. Blake makes an additional $1000 dollar from his twitch channel only.

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