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Prepper Princess is a prepping YouTuber with almost 200,000 subscribers. While she is certainly not the largest prepping YouTuber, she tackles prepping differently. This means that you may want to check her out. She has an estimated net worth of $800000.

Who is Prepper Princess?

The real name of Prepper Princess is ‘Amber Storck’, although you won’t find that listed on her YouTube channel nowadays. It is unknown what her age is, although most people believe her to be in her early 40s. She currently lives in Arizona, but she comes from California. She claims that she moved to Arizona due to the lower cost of living.

Currently, she lives with her girlfriend, but she doesn’t share much in the way of personal information nowadays.

She suffers from a condition known as ‘bag lady syndrome, which is essentially the fear that you will outlive your savings, causing homelessness. This is a diagnosed condition that she talks extensively about on her YouTube channel. In fact, it is what resulted in her creating her YouTube channel in the first place.

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She states that she grew up frugally, and it is this frugal childhood that resulted in her being frugal throughout adulthood.

Her initial wealth came from an inheritance from her mother when she sold her mother’s house. This totalled several hundred thousand dollars. Prepper Princess invested this, and she lives off of that income nowadays.

What is the Prepper Princess YouTube Channel?

Her YouTube channel is a mix of different types of content.

The bulk of her content is focused on financial prepping. This means preparing for a financial crisis. This means saving food and water. This way if there are financial issues, you will have food and water that you can rely on. This is a bit different from other prepping channels. Those ones focus heavily on equipment.

She also talks heavily about ways that you can save money. This may include information about doing the laundry in the right way. It may mean sharing recipe tips. Basically, there is a ton of information about cutting down on expenses while, at the same time, ensuring that it does not impact your life too much.

She also talks heavily about ways that you can act frugally. For example, finding food in dumpsters, picking wild food, etc. She also talks about how to make money from recycling. 

In recent months, she has also spent a lot of time talking about her investing. This means investment tips, etc. This is still a very new part of her channel. However, since she makes a good amount of money from investing nowadays, it is likely that it is something that she will expand upon.

What does the prepper princess do for living?

It seems as if she has a few income sources that she uses.

She has a YouTube channel. Which, with millions of views, is likely to generate a decent source of income. She backs up her YouTube with income from Patreon, which has several hundred subscribers. It is estimated that she is making at least $4,000 a month from just these two.

On top of this, she has invested the money that she inherited from her mother. She does not talk about the rate of return that she generates here. However, it is likely that her investments seem to be generating the most amount of cash. As of 2021, she has an estimated net worth of $800000

Prepper Princess also wrote the book ‘Living on Almost Nothing’ which is available through the Amazon Kindle store. It is unknown how much she makes from this book, but it is likely to be the smallest part of her income. 

What is ‘Living on Almost Nothing’?

Living on Almost Nothing is a book from Prepper Princess. It is written under her real name Amber Storck, though. If you just looked at the book, you wouldn’t actually know that it was written by her.

Her book very much gives a brief overview of who she really is and how she got to where she is in life. She also shares a wealth of money-saving tips that people can use in their day-to-day lives. It is less a book about prepping, and more a book about saving cash.

Why did molly leave prepper princess?

It is not known why Molly is no longer with her.

The two of them were in a relationship at some point. It is not known whether they are still in a relationship. This is because she no longer talks about her private life online.

If they are in a relationship and Molly is no longer on camera, then it is likely that Molly just doesn’t wish to be on camera.

Is she married?

She does not have a husband.

It is unknown whether she is married to her girlfriend. in recent years, she has tried to be a bit more guarded with details of her personal life. This means that it is unlikely that we are ever going to know too much about this part of her life.

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