Ryan’s toy review Net worth (Youngest YouTube Millionaire)

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Ryan’s toy review net worth :$26 Million

Did you know that he’s just eight years old and earning millions? He’s been on the Forbes list of highest-paid YouTubers for two consecutive years, earning $26 million just in 2019. His Toy Review channel took over the kids all around the world. It’s been only four years since the channel started. Ryan’s toy review net worth is $26 Million as of 2020

In this article, I have covered everything from Ryan watching kids YouTube channels to starting one for himself and later on reviewing toys on his channel.

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Ryan’s toy review Age, wiki, mom

Ryan’s full name is Ryan Kaji. He was born on October 6, 2011, which makes him eight years old now. His mom is low and catchy Loann Kaji, who is a Vietnamese origin.  Dad’s name is Shaion Kaji who is Japanese.

He has two twin younger sisters named Emma and Kate currently, studying in second grade.

So how do eight years old have this huge YouTube channel?

When Ryan was a few months old his parents gifted him a cute kitten toy. However, Ryan was not at all interested and cried.  His mom and dad thought that maybe he doesn’t like toys.

After couple of days his dad got him a remote control car. To their surprise Ryan was so happy with the toy. It was the first toy he started playing with. This was when Ryan was eight months old. Then they started getting in more complicated toys which Ryan liked a lot. As he grew, Ryan started to watch YouTube videos where kids play with toys and talk about them.

He became a regular viewer of such shows. So when he was three and a half years old, he asked his mom whether he can start a YouTube channel like all the kids out there and his mommy said ‘yes, I think.’

Then, they started a YouTube channel named Ryan toys review. The first-ever video was uploaded on March 16th 2015 it was a Lego Toy Train review.

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How Does Ryan’s toy review channel became big?

Ryan’s parents were having full-time day jobs during that time, so they could do only one video in a week or less.

However, they uploaded whatever they could. In the starting times, they had like 100 views per day, but it was slowly increasing. Ryan’s parents saw that more and more people say kids are getting interested in Ryan’s videos, their subs increased rapidly, and views spiked.

By January 2016, the channel reached a million subs. This was a major milestone and both parents thought of quitting their jobs and improve the content of the channel. They increase the number of videos per week and started to be regular with it, and eventually started uploading one video per day.

Ryan’s First Video

In 2016, Ryan’s twin sisters were born Emma and Kate. All this time, it was only Ryan who was in the videos. It was in September 2016 that Ryan’s dad appeared in a video for the first time.

The channel’s popularity kept on increasing and on November 2016 Ryan’s mom also came in a video. It was then they announced the new channel called Ryan’s family review, which showed most of the personal details of Ryan’s family.

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In August 2018, another channel was started the E k doodles channel. This channel represented Ryan’s twin sisters, Emma and Kate, through cartoon doodles. The two sisters made short doodle videos, which is essentially a storytelling genre. By the end of 2018, Ryan’s Toy Review channel reached 17 million subscribers. Now the young millionaire has come up with his own Nickelodeon show. It’s called Ryan’s mystery playdate

How much Money Ryan’s Toy review earn from YouTube?

His main channel has 25 million subscribers as of 2020 and achieves 38,711,901,406 views on 1712 uploads. Therefore he is earning estimate revenue of $25000 -$100000 every single day from the ads that he adds on his videos.

Ryan also generates additional revenue from his other YouTube channel along with sponsorship plus affiliates commission.

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