Savannah Marin Sparks (Nicholas Spark’s Daughter) Age, Wiki, Parents and Net Worth

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Who is Savannah Marin Sparks?

Savannah Marin Sparks is the daughter of legendary love story writer Nicholas Spark and his former wife Cathy Spark.  Her parents are divorced after living together for almost 25 years with 5 children. Before the divorce, Savannah Marin Sparks’s mother purchased a $1.1 million dollar mansion in North Carolina as per dailymail.  She was born on May 1, 1990, in North Carolina, and at present, her age is 31 years old. There is no information about her education or her relationship. Her siblings are Ryan cote sparks, Landan Spark, Miles Andrew Sparks, and younger sister Lexie Danielle Sparks. As her father is a millionaire she also owned certain assets and as per our assumption, her net worth will be around $1 million.

We couldn’t dig out more information about her as she isn’t using any social media.

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How old is Savannah Marin Sparks?

  • She is 31 years old working as a pharmacist.

Height & Weight

  • She weighs around 61kg that’s 134 lbs and stand at a height of 5’9” tall.


  1. Savannah‘s current age is 31 years old as of now.
  2. Also, she is the elder daughter of renowned writer Nicholas Spark.
  3. Likewise, she is living with her mother Cathy.
  4. She has five siblings.
  5. Her parents are divorced.

If I have left out any information about Savannah Marin Sparks, please do let us know!

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