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Trent and Allie cute photo enjoying weather of Salt lake city Utah

YouTubers Trent Childs (age 35) and Allie Miraglia (age 31) are an adventurous married Diy duo who travels the world in their mobile home for three years.

Travelling the world is a lot of fun but it’s also quite hectic since you have to carry around your luggage, look for a place to stay and on top of that pay extravagant bills. But what if you had the liberty of taking your home along with you? It’s a whole lot easier, isn’t it

The Youtube channel Trent and Allie are run by a Utah based Allie Miraglia and Trent Childs. They have an estimated net worth of $880000 as of 2022.

The two met on the dating app Bumble and instantly fell in love with one another due to their similar tastes and personality.

Their journey started in 2017 when Trent bought a van for the weekend road trip.

They went on their first eight-week long road trip through the Pacific Northwest and Canada in 2017. Instantly fell in love with the idea of travelling full time.

Speaking about his experiences, Trent said that living and travelling in the van, making some of their first attempts at YouTube videos he realize what a gift it was to live without so many physical belongings.

The previously ludicrous idea of living minimally with only what fits with you on the road became the most liberating lifestyle imaginable.

After the two returned from the trip, they sold the van and bought a RAM Promaster further spending $50000 to convert it into a tiny home with a kitchen, toilet and all basic necessities.

What do Trent and Allie do for a living?

Before switching their career to full-time Youtubers and travellers both couples were working decent jobs like Eamon and Bec.

Trent used to work as an outdoor gear sales representative and Allie was working as a project manager for a health care quality management firm.

The only time they could travel was at the weekend and it wasn’t enough for the couple consumed by wanderlust.

Bored with their usual daily routines, Trent and Allie decided to quit their jobs and the redundant lifestyle in 2018 and started travelling full-time.

Why do Trent and Allie choose to live a Van Life?

Despite the adventurous nature of living in a van, it’s never easy given that there isn’t enough room for one to move freely as they do in their normal homes.

But for Trent & Allie, that was the fun part because according to them the van life allows them to live in nature and open spaces.

Living the van life also allows the couple to get to meet new people and family on the road.

It also allows them to save money and live richer as they don’t have to worry about paying hefty utility bills and rent.

Break into their Van

Living on the road isn’t free of dangers and uncertainty.

In 2019, while they were staying in Nicaragua a couple of men tried to break into the van. This prompted Trent to immediately drive off the danger zone.

But since they had a 5-gallon water bottle on the driving seat, it made it difficult for them to move quickly.

Fortunately for the two, the miscreants ran away when they realize there were people inside the van. Since that day the couple always makes sure that they keep the front seat clear and pick a safe place to spend.

Net Worth

 With over 350000 subscribers on the channel Trent & Allie aren’t quite the millionaires yet but they still make a handsome amount of money from YouTube and other sources. Their channel has over 50 million views and averages a total of more than 125000 views a day.

For every 1k views, YouTube Pays around $3 to $4  in ad revenue and takes 45 %of it.

This means that Trent and Allie roughly earn around $2 per 1000 views, somewhere around $240 a day, $7200 a month. 

That’s a pretty good amount of money.

The couple also makes a decent income from their merchandise sales and their Patreon account.

Did Trent and Allie have their baby? (Baby Name)

Around early November 2021, Allie who was 36 weeks pregnant started having some intense contractions unable to sleep due to the pain.

The couple quickly rushed to the hospital to get Allie admitted and by the end of the next day she had given birth to a beautiful baby boy Leo.

However, the baby had to be kept under intensive care for several days due to some complications in breathing.

Things were hard for the family but baby Leo fought strongly for his life and today the couple has finally welcomed their newborn into their home.

Their First Uploads

The first three videos uploaded By Trent and Allie were reviews of their mountain bike and its spare parts.

The videos mainly featured Trent, who shared his love for mountain biking and advised the viewers on the kind of bike needed for the best experience.

Trent’s bike was a Santa Cruz 5000 c.

Are Trent and Allie Mormon? (Religion)

There is no information on the internet about the duo being Mormon but we believe they are of the Christianity religion.