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Andrew Camarata 36-year-old American may be the most improbable influencer in the world. In New York, he was hard at work growing his career as an excavation and property maintenance professional when he came to the attention of millions of people across the world through YouTube.

Forget about Andrew Camarata being just another YouTube star instead he creates videos on a daily basis that demonstrate his unique abilities, sense of humour and personality. He has an estimated net worth of $1.2 million as of 2022.

All of us are familiar with the saying that children learn from their parents however in the real world people would never contemplate following in their parent’s footsteps when it comes to making a career decision.

It’s no surprise that Andrew continues coming up with fresh viral videos to share with the world.

Who is Andrew Camarata?

He was born on November 12, 1985, in the town of Saugerties, New York. Andrew Camarata Senior young man’s father was a well-known mechanic and craftsman in the neighbourhood.

Starting at a young age Andrew worked with his father learning the ins and outs of repairing engines, heavy machinery and excavation equipment.

And because of his father, he grew up with a fascination for mechanical things however his interest in the digital world peaked for the first time when heading to college and so he went on to study computer science.

But this was only a passing interest for Andrew Camrata for a short while before he returned to his original area of interest with a reinvigorated feeling of purpose.

He went ahead and founded Camarata property maintenance and Excavation Company based in New York City in 2009.

The service area of the corporation includes the whole towns of Hurley, Woodstock, Kingston and Catskill despite the fact that he was just 24 years old at the time.

Andrew was anxious to try his hand at everything so he took on minor chores like driveway building and drainage, lawn mowing and land grading.

Beginning with residential and commercial excavation he moved on to complete property restorations before settling into his current position ultimately Camarata discovered that he had a natural talent for turning his customer’s real estate dreams into reality

His YouTube Journey

While all he wanted to do was help them achieve their goals so in order to develop his talents as well as to establish a following for his business in his local region Andrew began filming some of his projects and uploading them to his Facebook page and YouTube.

Andrew began posting low–quality phone recordings of his works he found intriguing on the world’s most popular video-sharing site YouTube but he was unaware that his videos would be seen by millions of people.

His videos have been viewed by over 431 million people with which each clip receiving an average of about a million views.

In his spare time, he likes to experiment with shipping containers in unorthodox ways like life uncontained couple.

His YouTube channel has grown to hundreds of thousands of followers over the previous six years placing him in the top one per cent of all American YouTubers.

It would be tough for other property management companies to match Andrew’s success in this area because his clips capture the attention of viewers with everything from a simple seemingly ordinary driveway instalment to an off-topic movie.

Andrew also uploads videos of his team mending chainsaws acquiring a new pickup truck and cleaning up a tire dump among other things.

Andrew Camarata married or single (wife)?

He is currently single according to the social media accounts he hasn’t made up his mind about whether or not he wants to be married just yet.

It’s probable that Andrew is still on the search for the one and only woman who would complete him in his life.

How much money does he make and what is his Net worth?

In terms of sponsorship Andrew’s Instagram account has over 25200 followers which means that advertisers are prepared to pay a charge for each post that is made on his account.

His most recent 15 posts received an average interaction rate of 20.56% from his followers therefore it is commonly predicted that his sponsorship payments will range between $167.25 and $278.75 for every post.

Also, the number of subscribers to his YouTube channel has grown significantly to 1.1  million with an average of 224568 views each day.

Therefore his net revenue from his youtube channel ranges from $20000 to $323400 a year according to social blade.

The majority of Andrew Camarata’s profit and income comes from the YouTube partner program. He has an estimated net worth of $1.2 million

Things you didn’t know about Andrew Camarata

  • Passionate animal lover – his love for animals he obtained two golden retrievers named Levi & Daisy whom he named after his parents. They are also extremely loyal to their owner as evidenced by the fact that they are both beautiful pups.
  • Physically fit- Andrew enjoys playing sports skiing tubing and wakeboarding are some of his favourite recreational activities. On his social media platforms, he routinely publishes images of himself participating in outdoor activities.

Most Expensive things owned by Andrew Camarata

  • Stewart and Stevenson’s 1997 military truck takes the top spot on the list. He just purchased it as a result of his interest in autos and heavy machinery. Terrain that is difficult to navigate and heavy loads are no match for the amazing power of this vehicle. On this truck there are fold-down sidewalls as well as a 12-foot flatbed and a caterpillar engine with 275 horsepower runs this vehicle.
  • Cat 930m loader is a powerful piece of equipment. When designing the machine cutting edge technology was utilized in order to optimize productivity while minimizing tiredness on behalf of the operator.
  • Similarly to a tool carrier, the new optimized cat7 bulldozer linkage operates at the same speed and parallelism as a standard z bar loader. The new cat7 bulldozer’s increased productivity and high drive undercarriage value are two of its most distinguishing characteristics. The automated four-speed gearbox simplifies the process of operating efficiently.

How do I contact Andrew Camarata?

His contact details are as follows:

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