Crazy lamp lady age, Real name, Husband, Net Worth

crazy lamp lady holding turquoise italian pottery at the Mad Hatter Antiques

Famous by her nickname crazy lamp lady is a channel owned by an American lady Jocelyn Elizabeth. Aside from being a social media influencer, she’s also known as a treasure hunter, relic recoveries and blogger.

She was born on the 1 September 1988 in the small town of Methuen in Massachusetts which makes her age 33 as of 2022. Jocelyn attended elementary in Pennsylvania and later she went to Dillsburg to study further. She has an estimated net worth of $550000.

Crazy lamp lady Jocelyn loves writing and uses it as a coping mechanism to get over her issues.

She is a full-time content creator and an authorized antique reseller like Dan Hurd.

She spends most of her time visiting thrift stores and antique shops to look for undervalued vintage treasures.

It is wonderful how her passion turned into a hobby and now it is full-time work apart from uploading videos she’s running a successful online business.

They sell about 700 to 800 items monthly to people from all around the globe.

 She dedicates most of her free time to her kids or going on a stroll with her metal detector.

Crazy lamp lady Early Days

Jocelyn started her career as a marketing manager for two years under logistics incorporated and later switches her job as a computer aid in Harrisburg.

2014 and 2015 was the year when she started her small company Rust and Estate Sale.

Later she grew tired of working full-time so she quit her job and start a new life as a full-time content creator on YouTube and reselling antiques.

Her blog relic recoveries had just been monetized so the window opened and she grabbed the opportunity giving all her time to it.

The whole metal detecting gig started a whole new genre on the internet began when she went for a walk around the woods where she lost her keys.

She found a guy luckily who owned a metal detector and they went in search of her keys.  Jocelyn was utterly fascinated with the whole metal detection thing and she wanted to do it too.

Since then she’s been on the hunt for relic coins and various other valuable things.

She started working as a freelance writer for a digger magazine where she wrote two times a week under the title dirt diaries the confessions of a compulsive digger.

Later on, she started her own blog and uploaded her daily vlogs on her youtube channel to market her discovered antiques.

She joined YouTube on the 22nd of April, 2016 with the first upload made about five years ago. Jocelyn Elizabeth by her real name has acquired $550000.

In 2019 she moved her attention from the relic recoveries to the fairly new channel “Crazy Lamp Lady” and the same year she surpassed 100k subscribers.

Where does crazy lamp lady sell?

She has multiple shops online from esty to eBay and she makes six-figure incomes only from eBay.

This led to her becoming one of the top sellers on the site and making a guest appearance on their podcast.

At the moment she is married to Andrew Maholick the owner of all time new mystics in Philadelphia. They live together in Dillsburg Pennsylvania and they are blessed with two wonderful children.


After graduation, she joined the Harrisburg Area Community College for an Associate degree in general studies.

She currently lives in her hometown in Pennsylvania with her two beautiful children and her boyfriend /husband Andrew Waholek.