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There are some pretty unique YouTube channels out there. Very few are as unique as the YouTube channel run by Dan Hurd aka Danielle Hurd (age 65 as of 2022). The Kelowna gold prospector loves to share his adventures tracking down gold deposits, minerals, and a whole lot more. As of 2022, Dan has an estimated net worth of $850000

Dan Hurd currently boasts 650,000 subscribers and the number is growing by the day. The interesting this is that he has only just gotten back into prospecting. He was out of the game for a good number of years. However, a short while ago, he decided to hit various claims again. He instantly fell in love with the hobby. When he isn’t out there in the field prospecting, he is teaching about prospecting or running his own YouTube channel.

Dan is currently married to Dayna and he has a son named, Evan.

We absolutely love Dan Hurd’s content, so we can’t wait to tell you all about him.

What Can You Find On Hurd’s YouTube Channel?

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Who is Dan Hurd? 

Dan Hurd is a gold prospector. Well, at least it is his hobby. One could argue that gold prospecting is now his business. He runs a huge online store, and various prospecting courses, and has a YouTube channel. However, he does insist that this is all a hobby to him.

His main job is as a secondary school teacher at Mount Boucherie Secondary School.

Based on his YouTube channel, you would think that Dan has been in the prospecting game for a long time. However, he hasn’t. He prospected a little when he was a child, but only for a few sessions. However, he lives in Kelowna. There is plenty of gold to discover around the area, so it wasn’t too long before he jumped back into things. He brought his children along for the ride. Although they weren’t huge fans of prospecting, Dan loves it.

Now, in his spare time, he buys up various expiring land claims in the hope of striking it lucky.

What Can You Find On Dan Hurd’s YouTube Channel?


Obviously, the bulk of Dan’s content will feature him on digs around the area. Since he explores some of the most beautiful locations in British Columbia, he also shares a fair number of hiking videos.

Perhaps the most exciting thing about his YouTube channel is the prospecting course that he runs. This will allow people to learn all there is to know about gold prospecting from the comfort of their own homes. Since Dan is a teacher by trade, you can be sure that he has a ton of talent for sharing all that he knows. 

How old is Dan Hurd? (Age)

Beautiful photo of Dan Hurd with his wife Dayna while prospecting

There doesn’t seem to be that much information on Dan Hurd’s age.

He does seem to be around 65. However, since he doesn’t actually discuss his age in interviews or on his YouTube channel, it is pretty tough to know.

We do know that he got married for the first time in 1980, which would certainly place him somewhere in his 60s right now. His big bushy beard seems to hide his true age!

Where Does Dan Hurd Live? (location)

Dan Hurd lives in Kelowna in British Columbia. He has lived in Canada his entire life.

He loves Kelowna so much that almost all of his prospecting happens in the surrounding area. If a land claim isn’t within easy reach of his home, chances are that he is not going to be bothered prospecting there.


Real NameDanielle Hurd
Age65 year as of 2022
WifeDayna Hurd
Height5 feet 8 inches tall
Weight72 kg
Hair colorBlonde
Eye ColorSky blue
ChildrenEvan (son)
ProfessionHis main job is as a secondary school teacher at Mount Boucherie Secondary School and Youtuber
Net Worth$850000

Who is Dan Hurd’s wife?

Dan Hurd has been married a couple of times in his life.

His first wife was Luna Vachon in 1985. If you are a fan of professional wrestling, then you may have heard of her. She wrestled for the WWF/WWE at one point.  After she passed away in 2010, she was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. Although, she and Dan had been long divorced by then. They were only married between 1980 and 1985.

He is currently married to Dayna Hurd.

Although, not much is known about her beyond the occasional featuring in his YouTube videos.

How much is Dan Hurd’s Net Worth?

It is tough to know what Dan’s net worth actually is. To be honest, prospecting for gold doesn’t earn much cash. Not with the small claims that Dan is dealing with. He probably makes a loss on that front. However, he does run a website and online store where you can buy garnets and ocean picture stones that Dan has prospected. 

That being said, Dan has 650,000 YouTube subscribers. At this sort of level, he could quickly be making $10k-$20k per month just from YouTube advertising. Product placements in his videos could earn him even more cash.

Since it is only in the last few months that Dan has really started to gain a huge number of subscribers, we wouldn’t exactly call him incredibly rich. However, we will say that he probably isn’t hurting for cash. If he keeps at his YouTube channel, he could be a millionaire pretty quickly.

Why did Dan have heart surgery? (heart attack)

Dan has undergone open-heart surgery and the surgeon has to repair his mitral valve. He was having some pretty health problems before but now he is doing fine.


Dan Hurd is one of the leading prospecting channels on YouTub. If you are interested in prospecting or just want to watch an attractive bearded man bouncing around some of the most beautiful locations in Canada, then check his channel out. 

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