Alan Colmes Net Worth

Alan Colmes Net worth

Alan Colmes Net Worth – $12 Million

Net Worth$12 Million
Born:September 24, 1950
Origin:Lynbrook, New York
Income Source: Fox News Commentator & Blogger

Alan Colmes is a most popular liberal political commentator for Fox News Channel, Television & Radio Host.  His real name is Alan Samuel Colmes. Besides his broadcasting career, he also runs Liberal and blog for AOL news. As per celebrity net worth, Alan Colmes has an estimated net worth of $12 Million.

For almost 14 years, he worked as a co-host of Hannity & Colmes (night political debate show) on Fox News.

Now, let’s dive deep into his early life & how he became so popular within a very short period of time….


Alan Colmes and Garry Trudeau together on Fox News Radio

Alan Colmes was born in the year 1950, September 24 to a Jewish family. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from Hofstra University & also during that time, he started working in WHRU Radio Station.  That was his initial step toward becoming a radio host.

He was married to Dr Jocelyn Elise Crowley (public policy professor) of Rutgers University.

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Colmes was trying really hard to build his radio career by working in radio station like WNBC, WHN, and WMCA & WNHC in New Havana.  In the year 1996, Roger Alies, CEO of Fox News hired him as a co-host in Hannity & Colmes show.  Later on, he was also featured live on TalkBackTV. He also publishes non-fiction books like Red, White & Liberal addressing Liberal Media bias, Civil right & War on terror.

He made an estimated net worth of $12 Million from his commentator career.

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  • Alan was criticized for being less charismatic than Sean Hannity
  • Al Franken (former Democratic Senator) criticize Colmes in one of his books that he refused to ask a tough question on his late-night show Hannity & Colmes.
  • Some Liberal claims Alan as a political moderate.

How did Colmes die?

He died of lymphoma (blood cancer that originates from lymphocyte) when he was 66 years old.

Who was Alan Colmes sister in law?

Monica Crowley is Alan Colmes sister in law, a former Fox News commentator and currently working in a U.S Department of the treasury as an Assistant Secretary for public affairs.