Renee Portnoy Bio (Ex-wife of Dave Portnoy) Age, Networth

Renee Portnoy
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Renee Portnoy is the ex-wife of popular Barstool Sports co-founder Dave Portnoy a trending pop culture & viral sports content blog.  His blog Barstool gains so much user attention that literally made him internet celebrity.

Renee Portnoy real name is Renee Satherthwaite currently 33 years old and was born on May 5, 1987, Nantucket.  Her early life was mostly spent with her family in Massachusetts.

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Renee Portnoy Boyfriend, Marriage, children

Renee Portnoy with her foster Dogs

Dave is in an open relationship with Jordyn Hamilton after his first divorce with Satherthwaite.  Both of them stayed together for almost 9 years but as Dave was working mostly outside, their relation didn’t work well. Finally, he mentions in his blog that he is getting a divorce. We didn’t get any update about Renee current boyfriend.

He has legally adopted LINR ANWEN a cute little Koala from Koala Preservation Society Australia.

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Net Worth

As per Celebrity Net worth, David is worth $118 Million. We didn’t get any information on Renee Net worth but she owns $2 Million spacious Mansion in Nantucket.

4 Unknown Facts about Renee Satherthwaite

  • She loves horse riding when she was 8 year old.
  • Before meeting with David she was a viner
  • She Foster Dogs in her home town
  • Satherthwaite is ex-wife of Dave Portnoy

FAQ: About Renee Satherthwaite

What is Renee Satherthwaite age?

She is 33 years old

Who is Renee Portnoy dating?

No information about her present relationship.

Why did Renee Portnoy keep Daves name?

I think she still love him that why she still use Daves name.

What happened to Dave and Renee Portnoy ?

Both of them are officially divorce now.

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