How old was Leonardo Dicaprio in Titanic?

How old was Leonardo Dicaprio in Titanic?

Leonardo Dicaprio Age in Titanic Movie. Leonardo Dicaprio was only 22 years old when Titanic Movie was released and he was featured as “Jack Dawson”. 

Beautiful Kate Winslet acted as “Rose Dewitt Bukater” and she was 21 years old.

Leonardo Wilhelm Dicaprio was born on November 11, 1974, and he is currently, 46 years old.

Titanic movie was filmed by James Cameron after looking into the most tragic marine disaster in history over 1500 dead out of 2224 passenger on board. 

The incident happened when the British passenger ship strikes with a large iceberg and sank into the North Atlantic Ocean.

The movie was admired by millions of viewers worldwide, winning several awards & Appreciation.

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