Is mail in Bhutan reliable (Bhutan Post)

Is mail in Bhutan reliable

Many people residing in foreign countries have only one doubt while sending mail to Bhutan. Is mail in Bhutan reliable?

Bhutan Postal cooperation Limited is the only postal co-operate venture in the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan that facilitates EMS (Expedited Mail Service) for any incoming or outgoing fast mail delivery. Bhutan Post Mail service is 100% reliable and secure.

While sending parcels or any EMS things out of Bhutan, you need to fill up a form that can be easily available for you at the customer care counter.

EMS in Bhutan

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7 Different Mail services available in Bhutan Post

  • Letter Post
  • Printed Papers
  • Small Packets
  • Aerogramme
  • Postcards
  • Parcel Post
  • Insured Parcel

Here is a Postal Rate you need to check before sending any mail:

International ServicesWeightSAARC Countries RateOther countries Rate
Airmail Letter Rates20 GramNu.25Nu.30
EMS Rates500 GramNu.1505Nu.1725 to Nu. 2200