Bhutan Zip code-What is Bhutan Postal code?

Bhutan Zip code
Bhutan Zip code

I do get stuck when I have to enter Bhutan Zip code while buying stuff from online websites like a flipkart and amazon.

So what is Bhutan postal code? 

Most of them say it’s 11001 and some say it 11002. But which one is right?

In this guide, I will work you through Bhutan’s all 20 Dzongkhag /District postal code that you can use without any doubt while placing an order on e-commerce websites.

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What is the zip code?

Zip code is a set of five or nine-digit numbers mainly used by United States postal service (USPS) to deliver mails/goods via sender to receiver efficiently.  

In other countries instead of zip code, they used postal code.

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20 Dzongkhag Bhutan Zip code

Dzongkhag/DistrictPostal AddressPostal code
BumthangBumthang PO32001
BumthangChumey PO32002
ChukhaPhuentsholing GPO21001
ChukhaPhuentsholing Town PO21002
ChukhaTsimasham PO21005
ChukhaGedu PO21007
DaganaDagana PO35001
Gasa/ Goen KhatoedGasa PO16001
MongarMongar PO43001
Mongar salingGyelposhing PO43002
ParoParo PO12001
ParoParo Airport PO12002
Pemagatshel Pemagatshel PO44001
PemagatshelNganglam PO44102
PunakhaPunakha PO13001
SamdrupjongkharSamdrupjongkhar GPO41001
SamdrupjongkharDewangthang PO41002
SamdrupjongkharJomotsangkha PO41104
SamtseSamtse PO22001
SamtseSipsoo PO22104
SamtseGomtu PO22002
Sarpang GelephuGelephu GPO31101
SarpangSarpang PO31002
ThimphuThimphu GPO11001
ThimphuTrashichoedzong PO11001
TrashigangTrashigang PO42001
TrashigangKanglung PO42002
TrashigangKhaling PO42003
TrashigangWamrong PO42004
TrashigangRangjung PO42005
TrashiyangtseTrashiyangtse PO46001
TrashiyangtseDuksum PO46002
TrongsaTrongsa PO33001
ZhemgangZhemgang PO34001
ZhemgangTingtibi PO34002
ZhemgangPangbang PO34103

What happens if I give wrong Postal address?

While providing your location address carefully gives your exact name, street address followed by postal code of your country + postcode of your current place.

If you happen to give the wrong postal address then your order will be misplaced.

Correct Address Format

Karma Sonam — Name
Changiji, MD House — street name, building name and/or number
Flat No. 1C — flat or apartment number
Zone 2 — zone/subzone
Thimphu 11001 — locality name + postcode
BHUTAN- country

Bhutan Post also facilitates FedEx import and export services.

The people of Bhutan can send or receive goods from any part of the world.

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