How to get approval

How to get approval from

How to get approval

Do you really want to integrate ads on your websites or blog? Enabling ads in your blog post allows you to earn more revenue and also it doesn’t affect your website’s appearance.

You may have seen lots of popular websites and blog embedded with ads network.

How to get approval is second largest Yahoo! Bing contextual ad network after Google AdSense. If your websites are getting more USA, UK traffic then it is wise to add on your websites as it is considered as one of the best AdSense alternatives.

Add Google Analytics to your websites without downloading any plugins and instantly monitor your web traffic.

The main core concept of ads approval is your website’s traffic.  Try to write on geo-targeted niche without including any spam content like hacking, racism, etc…

Can I use Media Net with AdSense?

Yes, you can use ads with AdSense, if it doesn’t violate AdSense policy. But one thing to remember while using auto ads please checks ads is not overlapping each other.

Once I also used with AdSense on my websites but it badly decreases my CTR.

Less CRT= less earning

So I don’t think it is good enough to use both Ads network together on a single website or blog.

How much do media net pay? is an RPM-based contextual ad network that pays as per 1000 impression on your websites.

Which means it is difficult to say its precise CPC rate and it also depends based on your niche. payment Method

  • Wire transfer
  • PayPal
  • Payoneer

Note: Once you receive approved emails from them, you get a manager who helps you to configure ad placement in your website for better productivity.

8 criteria to follow before applying for

  • Try to get clean or organic traffic to your websites
  • Language of your content
  • Consistency- updates websites frequently
  • Plagiarism free content
  • Use plugins like Grammarly
  • Disable other ads on your websites
  • Stop using unwanted plugins
  • Keep a clean interface with a simple layout.

Without further delay let’s dive deep into how you can actually approve your website by following these tips:

Get clean or organic traffic to your websites

Don’t drive traffic from the malicious site or by using the black hat method for the sake of earning. Your websites should be clean with a relevant organic visitor that put value to your content.  In addition to that if your websites are getting more western traffic then there is a higher possibility for approval.

If you want your website to get more organic visitor along with higher ranking in Google SERP then try to learn how to do perfect SEO of your blog post plus listing your sites on popular search engines like Google, Bing and Yandex.

Language of your content

Try to write your blog post in English version since they don’t accept other languages at all. generates 90% of its ad revenue from the USA only.  As you can see most advertisers are western people i.e. it is more relevant to write content in English. One other thing is that English is a global language that can be easily spoken in many countries. If you are blogging in English then definitely your blog will get more exposure.

More exposure leads to more visitors to your websites.

Consistency- updates websites frequently

Who would like to read 6 to 7-month-old blog post with outdated irrelevant information?  Technology is becoming more and more sophisticated every single day with lots of advancement.

Would you believe more than 70- 80percent people are on a mobile device and they just want to keep themselves updated every day.

Consistency with valuable content is the main key to success in blogging career. Always try to blog frequently that way your website build authority in the eye of Google and other search engines likewise you also developed a good image in the eyes of readers.

Learn: How to embed tweets in WordPress websites team approve websites manually so if they ever happen to find that you haven’t contributed content on your sites for a couple of months or days then there are fewer chances to get approval.

Plagiarism free content

Never ever try to hover into someone else content and copy-paste on your websites.  That way your websites plagiarism percentage increases along with violating policy.

Plagiarism is a serious crime using someone else work without proper attribution from the rightful owner. 

Readers don’t like to read if they sense they have already read on someone else websites. As a matter of fact, they will bounce back instantly from your websites.

Check plagiarism of your websites with smallseotools (one of the best plagiarism checker) before applying for

 Use plugins like Grammarly

Grammarly is a widely used online grammar checking tool developed in July 2019 by Grammarly.Inc.

It not only helps to check and monitor online writing while blogging on WordPress, Facebook and even forums.

How does it work?

Grammarly works with three different tools like a browser extension, downloading for MS Office, and the last one is Grammarly personnel editor apps.

So what are you waiting for install Grammarly right now?

Disable other ads on your websites

After customizing your websites fully always disable other ads on your websites before applying for  You can reuse it once you get approval.

Stop using unwanted plugins

Too many plugins will relatively slow your websites load time. If your websites take too much time to load then most of your blog post will de-rank on search engine like Google. Try to work on website speed optimization and reduce using unwanted plugins.

Read Also: How to add Ads.txt for WordPress websites

Keep a clean interface with a simple layout.

Try to maintain a clean interface with a simple layout, which looks more attractive then websites having lots of widgets.  Include pages like about us, privacy policy and contact.

To sum it all up if you apply all above-listed criteria I don’t find any problem in getting approval from


Do you use and how was your experience? Leave a comment below!


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