How to submit URL to Bing Search Engine

Submit url to Bing

Are you confused about how to submit URL to Bing search Engine for indexing of your websites and display on Bing search result page? Then you have hit the right blog post, here I have shared details guidelines on URL submission to Bing search engine.

Why submit URL to Bing search Engine?

Bing is the third largest search engine after Google and YouTube owned by Microsoft INC. specialized in varieties of web services like images, videos, news, cloud computing, hardware and software.  That’s why it is important for any web owner to submit your sites on Bing for more organic websites traffic and generate targeted number of sales. Also, check out how to submit URL to Google search engine.

How Do I submit my sites to Bing Search Engine? (STEP BY STEP GUIDE)

You need to have a free Microsoft account before adding your websites on Bing. If you don’t have, you can check out here.

add site on bing
Add site on bing

Submit Sitemap to Bing webmaster tool

If you are adding your websites for first times with Bing, then it is important to submit sitemap of your sites, so that Bing bot can easily crawl all your pages, check critical error and index faster.

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You can also generate WordPress XML sitemap without a plugin but I recommend integrating Yoast Plugin on your websites.  Yoast is the most popular SEO tools online that had over 1 million plus active installation, helps you to write better content but also generate free sitemap upon activation.

Submit sitemap using Yoast plugin
Yoast plugin

Check your website sitemap   [Https:// websites URL/sitemap_index.xml]

Copy your sitemap URL > Go to configure my sites > Add you Sitemap > Click submits.

Submit sitemap on bing
Submit sitemap on bing

How do I verify website ownership with Bing?

There are three different verification methods to verify ownership with Bing.

  • Placing XML file authentication: Download BingsiteAuth.xml file and upload the file to root directory of your website.
  • Meta Tag Authentication:  Copy Meta tag containing verification code. Go to word Press > Appearance > Editor > under theme file > Click Header.Php > Paste code below <head> section > Click save changes > switch back to Bing webmaster tool and click on verify.
Add Bing verification  Meta tag on wordPress
Bing verification Meta tag on wordPress
  • Add CNAME record to DNS: You need to add CNAME record inside Domain name server provider.

Note: When you submit URL to Bing Search Engine automatically your web page also appears in Yahoo.

Video Tutorial on how to submit websites to search engines like Bing, Google and Yahoo search