What is mAh in the battery? (Milliamp Hours)

battery mAh rating

MAh is a common term you can hear, whenever you buy a battery, mobile phone or a laptop. If you have not heard it yet then it is very much essential to know about the function of mAh in the battery.

What is mAh in the battery? (Milliamp Hours)

Basically to tell about mAh; MAh stands for milliampere or milliamp-hour. It measures a battery storage capacity.

MAh is the easiest way to distinguish the strength capacity of a battery; higher MAh the longer the battery will last.

How to calculate mAh of a battery?  

The easiest and most precise way to calculate mAh of a battery is by dividing Total mAH/ mAH used.


1st battery: 1500 mAH

2nd battery: 2000 mAH

Used by phone: 200 mAh to function.

Working time:

1st battery: 1500/200=7.5 hrs

2nd battery: 2000/200= 10 hrs

Is it OK to use a higher mAh battery?

I don’t think there won’t be any issue to use high mAh battery unless the batteries are of the same type. More mAh will relatively boost your device to run longer.


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