Apple Airpods 2 release date, Price, specification, Feature

Apple airpods 2, Apple airpods,

Apple have finally launch Airpods 2 after prolong waiting

Apple Airpods 2 release date, Price, specification, Feature

According to Apple the Airpods 2 will have best feature presence, wireless charging case, longer talk time, amazing hand free Siri assistant enabled and Apple has officially announced that new Airpods will release on 20 March. 

apple airpod 2


The most crucial part that drives my curiosity about the second generation Airpods 2 is the feature like real-time biometric feature, integrated health and fitness device on it, and wireless earbuds.

Apple has also emphasized on sound improvement, wireless charging and Bluetooth 5.0.

Isn’t that amazing!

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Airpods 2 release date, price and specification

Apple Airpods 2 is live on Apple web sites to buy, price varies on specification. The wireless charging case Airpods 2 costs around $199 and the standard one are $159.

If you want to buy wireless charging case separately, you can get it on $79.

For details check official Apple websites

Apple Airpods 2 Features

apple airpod 2 feature
  • Hand free Siri Assistant
  • Wireless charging case
  • Apple H1 chip
  • Fastest device switching while listening to music etc..
  • 1.5x faster connection on mobile calls

Apple H1 chip Bluetooth 5

The New Apple H1 chips are exclusively designed by Apple engineers to provide the best audio listening experience, allows  50 per cent more talk time with the best synchronization.

The user can easily do volume adjustment on listening music with “hey Siri” assistant moreover device switching turnout to be more effective, cutting down two times faster than earlier Airpods.

Are Apple Airpods 2 water proof?

Airpods 2 is mainly designed to use during workouts while travelling and listening to music. The Apple Company or any Apple employee hasn’t claimed Airpods 2 to be water resistant or waterproof. 

There are ton of queries on Google about Apple Airpods 2 like:

  • Are Apple Earpods sweat proof?
  • Can u wear Airpods in shower?
  • Do Apple Airpods come charged?
  • How do I use Airpods with siri?

Thank you for reading these articles and feel free to comment below, if I have left out any information based on Apple Airpods 2 .

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