Bhutan prepaid SIM card ( Bhutan Telecom)

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Bhutan prepaid SIM card

In Bhutan, there are two main GSM service providers Tashicell and B-Mobile, both of them provide Bhutan prepaid SIM cards with the amazing network coverage.

Does Indian sim work in Bhutan?

If you want to use your Indian Sim card then you can set your phone on international Roaming, but the incurred cost will be higher compared to a prepaid or tourist sim card.

Bhutan Prepaid simcard
Bhutan Prepaid Simcard

You can easily get Bhutan Local sim card from any service counter or from an authorized dealer but you have to provide your passport document, voter card etc. along with the form.

If you buy a prepaid tourist sim from B-mobile, you will be facilitated with free talk-time nu.100 (validity for 1 month only).

To recharge your phone, you can buy a paper voucher from any shop or else let the shopkeeper e-load directly without any hassle.

There is also various method to recharge your phone via mobile apps like M-BOB, Mpay , and wallet. If you are with your guide then you can seek help from your guide or else if you are from India then you won’t face any language barriers, since almost all Bhutanese can speak Hindi very well.

These are the internet and call charges (Bmobile)

Call categoryOn-netOff-net(Bmobile-Tashicell)
Peak hours0.5/unit0.70/unit
Off peak hours0.4/unit0.50/unit
Economy 0.3/unit0.4/unit
Late Night 0.10/unit…………………..

B-mobile and Tashicell Data plan and Rates in Bhutan

B -mobile provide 12 different data plan starting from Nu.19 till Nu.1199 and Tashicell has 8 various Data plan from Nu.19 to Nu.1299.


Sl.noData planNgultrum(price)Data(MB)Validity
1Daily 191917024 hours only
2Daily 292926524 hours only
3Daily 39393351 week only
4Daily 49494251 week only
5Daily 99998601 month
6Daily 19919917701 month
7Daily 29929929101 month
8Daily 49949953701 month
9Daily 699699145001 month
10Daily 799799175001 month
11Daily 999999246001 month
12Daily 11991199320001 month


Sl.noData planPrices(Nu)Data MBValidity
1Daily Plan1910024 hours
2Weekly Plan493401 week
3Daza Plan998001 month
4Daza Plus Plan19917001 month
5Barma Plan29927001 month
6Barma Plus plan49950001 month
74G chenpo Plan777150001 month
84G chenpo Plus Plan1299300001 month

Tashicell also provide two different types of packages-Tourist Sim/Bhutan prepaid sim card

Package 1

-Price: Nu.600

-Validity: 2 weeks

-Data volume: 3GB (3G activated)

-Sms and Talktime: Nu.300

Package 2

-Price: Nu.200

-validity: 1month

-Data volume: Nill

-SMS and Talktime: Nu.200

can you use 3G/4G(LTE) internet on Bhutan prepaid sim card?

you can easily configure APN configuration on any Bhutan sim. For Bmobile set Apn as the Internet, username as Bmobile and for Tashicell set Apn as ticlnet , user name as Tashicell.

Frequent Question Ask on Bhutan Sim: FAQ

Here is the list of questions asked on this blog about Bhutan sim and other relevant manuals.

How can I get a SIM card in Bhutan?

You can easily purchase a tourist sim card from any in-country mobile operator’s office or else contact an authorized dealer. Remember to carry your identification proof like Passport, ration card etc.

Does an Indian SIM card work in Bhutan?

Yes, Indian sim cards do work in Bhutan near the border area but it’s better to use tourist sim if you are travelling inside Bhutan.

How can I recharge my mobile in Bhutan?

If you are using a paper voucher to recharge your phone refer backside of the voucher, clear instructions are given there.

How do I check my mobile data balance?

For Bmobile dial *170# and for tashicell *766*4#

What to do with sim, if you leave Bhutan?

Most of the tourist sim has a validity of 1 month, and if you are leaving Bhutan before that period, it’s advisable to destroy the Bhutan Prepaid sim card safely or else take it to your home place as a souvenir.
Don’t just leave it like that, since there is a high chance it to be reused in unlawful ways.

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