10 reasons why you should travel to Bhutan

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Travel to Bhutan

Bhutan, which is located in the extreme east of the great Himalayas between China and India, has a total area of 38,000 square kilometres. Here are some reasons why you should travel to Bhutan.

The ancient fortresses and temples, the stunning landscapes, the delicious food and the joyous festivals add to the charm of the place making it tourist ultimate destination to travel to Bhutan.

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The Bhutan government takes all care to preserve its rich history, culture and tradition.

Here are the 10 Amazing reason why You should travel to Bhutan

Bhutan Natural Scenery

travel to bhutan
Travel to Bhutan

Natural scenic beauty is a boon to Bhutan. The majestic hilly areas, the magnificent hill stations and the wondrous variety of flora and fauna that surround the place make it a total paradise.

The wonderful water bodies that surround the place also add to the scenic grandeur. The natural ecosystem of the place is well maintained thus making the place a must-visit on your list of travel destinations.

The natives living in the blessed bosom of nature live by the values and the traditions, the legacy and the environment and the government look forward to the development in a cultural way.


Bhutan Adventures
Bhutan Adventures

The Bhutanese mountains and hills reckon you to an adventure of a different kind altogether. Come out of your comfortable lifestyle and choose to go on an adventure trek to the mountains to know the landscapes very closely.

If you love to hike and explore natural beauty then you should try Bhutan Trekking tours. Hiking, campfires, riding down the hills and a good many adventures make your trip to Bhutan the most adventurous ever.

Historical and educational significance

Bhutan historical and educational significance
Bhutan historical and educational significance

A visit to the place, Bhutan would take you back to the pages of history, to the times of Tibetan Buddhism. Tibetan style historical monuments are to be found here. The Paro Taktsang which is also called The Tiger’s Nest is a unique monument here.

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Bhutan is although slowly imbibing on to the modern culture, yet it still holds on to the traditional methods of education. It is a great experience to visit the places of study.

Pleasant climatic conditions

Pleasant climatic condition in Bhutan
Pleasant climatic condition in Bhutan

Everyone can easily travel to Bhutan at any time of the year because of its pleasant climate. The months of spring, March to May is beautiful there in Bhutan.

The valleys are lush green with vegetation and fruit trees that blossom. During the autumn months, September and October, you can expect to get a grand view of the great mountains.

The winter in December experiences snowfall and that is a great attraction for tourists.

Shopping facilities

Shopping facilities in Bhutan
Shopping facilities in Bhutan

Here is a place for the shopping enthusiasts where they can find colourful shawls, coats and sweaters and also adorable trinkets here and there in the Bhutia markets.

The women wear traditional Backus and they are a colourful mob who move about in the markets and help the tourists in their choices to buy great jewellery and handicrafts.

The handicraft emporium located in Thimpu Street sells exquisite handicrafts and goods. The gold and silver ornaments can be ordered and they will specially craft them, at the Thimpu Valley.

Bhutanese Cuisines

Bhutanese cuisine
Bhutanese cuisine

The spiciness is the forte of Bhutanese cuisine. Chilly is an important flavour in all the dishes. The general and staple food is the Momo that comes as dumplings stuffed with cheese, cabbages, pork or beef. It is a hot favourite of the tourists as well as the people of Bhutan.

Thukpa is also a very common and popular dish for the Bhutanese and also for the tourists.

Festivals and Celebrations to explore during your Bhutan Visit.

10 reason to visit Bhutan
Bhutan festival and mask dances during Tsechu

Bhutan is also rich in cultural diversity that is further enhanced by the festivals rich in their heritage and tradition. The annual festival of Tshechu is a well-known and distinctive festival.

During the festivals, the people share meals of rice, Ema and spicy pork and also the traditional and very heady rice wine known as Ara.

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If you get a chance to visit Bhutan then make sure to experience the Bhutan cultural tours.  It is a must visit for all to visit Bhutan during their colourful festival fully of merriment and revelry to catch the true flavour of the place.

Simple Lifestyle with Art and Hobbies
Bhutan arts and crafts
Bhutan arts and crafts

The art and handicrafts of Bhutan are captivating as well as fascinating. The humble residents here are very hardworking and honest.

Yet they are experts in the various arts and crafts like jewellery, bamboo craft, boot making, sword making, wood carving, paper making, paintings and sculptures and textiles of various kinds.

This should be an added attraction for the tourists who are looking to collect such wonderful art and crafts as souvenirs and mementoes.

Thimpu, the capital of Bhutan
Thimphu the capital city of Bhutan
Thimphu the capital city of Bhutan

Thimpu, the capital of Bhutan is a small place and the only capital in the world that is devoid of any traffic light.

Yet there are a wide array of quirky shops and weekend markets to look into.

These markets display Bhutanese art that is traditional and smells of rich culture. 

Thimpu is embellished with concrete buildings and houses that are built in traditional Bhutanese style and smells incessantly of the rich tradition of Bhutan.

It is a pleasure and a heart throbbing experience to go back to Thimpu each time they visit Bhutan to get the lovely aroma of Bhutani culture.

Sparsely populated
Bhutan population
Bhutan population

When a person is fed up with the urban environment where pollution becomes a nightmare they would rather run away far from the madding crowd to a place like Bhutan for some peace of mind.

The people are much environmentally conscious. 60 per cent of their owned land goes for developing the forest region.

This also provides fresh and pure air for the people.

Therefore Bhutan is a kingdom of happiness and a place of peace and joy. Along with natural grandeur and eventful history, it has the cultural treasures, nicely preserved the heritage and the good of environmentally conscious people that make the place true heaven worth exploring.

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