Bhutan Driving Distance- How long it will take via Road

Bhutan Driving Distance

Bhutan Driving DistanceBhutan, which is located in the extreme east of the great Himalayas between China and India, has an entire area of 38,000 square kilometres and the main mode of transport is via road only. Not long ago Drukair (Bhutan first airlines) has started domestic airlines to Bumthang and Gelephu region.

Bhutan driving distance
Almost all the road in Bhutan are built by Dantak

Thanks to the Indian government despite steep mountains, severe weather, thick forest, the majority of Bhutan road are beautifully blacktopped. Presently, road in Bhutan is developing into a two-lane highway to limit accidents in the near future and for the comfortability.

If you are travelling to Bhutan for the first time it is advisable to take medications if you are prone to motion sickness.

Bhutan Driving Distance (KM)

FromToDistance( KM)Driving Duration
PhuentsholingThimphu150 KM5 hours
ParoJanuary 2, 190055 KM1 hour 30 minute
ThimphuWangduephodrang76 KM3 Hour
ThimphuPunakha70 KM2 hour 30 minute
ParoHaa70 KM3 hour
ThimphuDochula Pass24 KM44 minute
PunakhaGangtey(phobjikha)70 KM3 hour
PunakhaGasa97 KM3 hour 30 minute
WangduePunakha17 KM35 minute
WangduephodrangTrongsa129 KM5 hour
Trongsa Zhemgang92 KM2 hour45 minute
Trongsa Bumthang68 KM3 hour
BumthangGelephu380 KM11 hour 10 minute
GelephuSarpang30 KM30 minute
GelephuTsirang98 KM3 Hour
TsirangDagana115 KM4 hour
BumthangMongar198 KM7 hour
BumthangTrashigang289 KM10 hour
Mongar Trashigang91 KM3 hour 20 minute
Trashigang Samdrupjongkhar180 KM7 hour
Trashigang Thimphu487 KM14 hour 45 minute
SamdrupjongkharGuwahati (Assam district)110 KM3 hour
SamdrupjongkharPhuentsholing400 KM10 hour 25 minute
PhuentsholingBagdora (west bengal)165 KM5 hour
Phuentsholingsiliguri155 KM4 hour
PhuentsholingGangtok( sikkim)220 KM7 hour

Check out Bhutan Map on GoogleMap

Natural scenic beauty is a boon to Bhutan. The majestic hilly areas, the magnificent hill stations and the wondrous variety of flora and fauna that surround the place make it a total paradise.

Enjoy Bhutan holiday!


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