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First things first: The star of the wildly popular YouTube channel “Matthew Posa Adventures” is not Matthew Posa. The real stars are clearly his ridiculously cute and equally adventurous dogs.

We dare you to try to stop watching Posa’s videos after you see his collie, Monty, and Australian shepherd, Rueger, ride with him on a canoe or hunker down with him in a tent all tucked into sleeping bags. It is officially the best thing ever. Posa’s video content is pretty great, too. It’s an addictive mix of outdoorsy tips on everything from campfires and sitting up tents during a snowstorm, to cooking up some easy yet hearty meals while you’re roughing it. As of 2022, Posa has an estimated net worth of $450000.

And it’s all done in a down-to-earth way instead of a “Do you even camp, bro?” way.

But who is the man (and dogs) leading us on this outdoor journey? Here are 9 things to know about Matthew Posa.

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Matthew Posa Developed a Big Following Very Quickly

Since posting his first video, Posa’s videos have attracted a devoted fanbase. He has 482,000 subscribers on YouTube, nearly 25,000 followers on Instagram, and even has merchandise available.

The socks with Monty’s face may or may not be on our Christmas list.

And That Has Led to an Impressive Net Worth for Matthew Posa

There are hundreds of millions of YouTubers out there, but not everyone is successful or unique. Posa has a net worth of nearly $450,000. How much do the doggies get?  

He’s From Michigan

Posa, 33, goes all over for his fascinating and beautiful outdoorsy tips, but he was born and raised in the great outdoors-friendly Upper Peninsula of Michigan and lives there today.

His family often makes cameos in his videos. We met Posa’s dad on Father’s Day and his mother and brother during a Mother’s Day camping trip.

The family who camps together, make YouTube together.

Sorry, Matthew Posa is Married (Wife’s Name)

Most of Posa’s videos steer clear from the overly personal stuff (unless it involves his beloved dogs’ health and wellbeing), but we do know that he’s married to Erin Funk (wife name), aka Funky a professional dog trainer.

There’s a distinct high-school sweetheart vibe with them — and that’s not crazy far from the truth.

I graduated college when I was 21 and we started to date shortly afterwards. But we’ve been good friends since I was 16,” Funk explained in an Instagram post.

How old is Matthew Posa?

His present age is 33 years old as of 2021

Matthew Posa Camping Is an Epic 

It’s one thing to camp. It’s another thing to camps like Posa, Monty, and Rueger.

Blizzards and freezing temps be damned — Posa will create an expert tent situation within the snow, cook up a hot meal and make sure his two best friends are comfy and cosy, too. There are also tons of overnights in the heavy rain.

But the best part is that camping is also highly relatable. Posa doesn’t do everything right and isn’t afraid to share that. He’s fallen in the snow, in the water, and in the mud. He’s been burned and punctured and we’ve all been there, right?

As is His Fire-Building Skills 

Just take a look. We need to be in that snowy firepit. Right. Now.

But it Doesn’t Always Involve Extreme Temperatures 

While we love watching Posa and pups deal with the harsh weather so well, we equally enjoy taking in the lush, peaceful scenery. There’s regular camping, but also lots of hiking, fishing, and canoeing — with Monty and Rueger sharing first-mate duties, of course.

The Food is Pretty Awesome

Part of Posa’s outdoor adventures involves cooking — think Bear Grylls meets a very challenging episode of British Baking Show. But you never know what you’re going to get: cheesesteaks, sauteed vegetables, or a whole Fourth of July spread.

Posa’s campfire chicken riggies recipe has apparently developed a cult following.

Matthew Posa isn’t Afraid to Make Fun of Himself

Poking around Posa’s Instagram is hilarious, particularly when he shares some serious…. Interesting throwback photos with some intriguing looks, like when he was Link from “The Legend of Zelda” for Halloween or the “poem” he wrote about Britney Spears which is one of the best things we’ve ever seen.

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