Tachog Lhakhang – Ultimate Bhutan tourist attractions

tachog lhakhang in Paro

The elegant Tachog Lhakhang is cuddled on hills of Isuna village between Thimphu-Paro Highway.

It is one of Bhutan’s ultimate tourist destination

Brief history of Tachog Lhakhang

The prominent Tachog Monastery was built by Buddhist saint Thangtong Gyalpo during 1420.

When he was at Tibet, he builds an enormous iron bridge that helps to combine villages together.

Tachog Lhakhang

Due to his popularity by building an iron chain bridge, he was invited by chieftain/ local leader of Paro to build Tachog monastery.

Moreover, other stories reveal that when he was meditating in Phudro Goemba.

He had an extraordinary vision of white horse (emanation of lord cherinzig) the Buddha of compassion, where Tachog Lhakhang was built.

Important relics found in Tachog lhakhang

The main relics found inside Tachog monastery are a statue of Buddha, zhabdrung Rinpoche and statue of Ugyen guru Rinpoche.

You can also find the sacred stick of Lam Thangtong Gyalpo.

When you visit the main temple inside, you can find mounds of Buddhist kanjur and tenjur (Vajrayana teaching of Buddha)

How to reach Tachog Lhakhag

You can discuss with your guide about the visiting Tachog Lhakhang.

I guess most of Bhutan’s tour operator has a program on your itinerary about Tachog Lhakhang.

The picturesque views of Tachog monastery, long iron suspension bridge above Paro Chu(rivers), girded by huge mountains and lovely prayers flags makes your Bhutan sightseeing really memorial.

Presently Tachog monastery is looked after by descendant of lam Dawa Zangpo, son of Thangtong Gyalpo.

 Note: Please don’t make your visit during holidays or Thimphu/ Paro tsechu, since Lhakhang will be closed.

Tachog lhakhang visiting hours

There is no fixed time schedule to visit the le but I recommend you to visit during morning hours from 9 am- 5 pm.

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