Takstang Monastery-Why you should visit once on your Bhutan Trip?

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Takstang Monastery is also known as Tiger’s Nest Monastery which is beautifully perched on the cliff overviewing picturesque Paro valley and tucked at 900 meters elevation from the base area.

Keep reading further to know more about tips on how to climb Tiger’s Nest and interesting facts about the monastery.

Brief History of Takstang Monastery

Historian and high Buddhist lama have curated in the Vajrayana text about the facts and existence of tiger’s Nest monastery in Bhutan. How Guru Rinpoche flew on the back of a tigress (manifestations of khandro Yeshi tshogyal) to tiger’s nest monastery or Taktsang monastery from Tibet to subdue wrathful deities.

Guru Rinpoche is also considered as second Buddha who was born miraculously from the lotus in Danakosha Lake.

How high is tiger’s nest monastery ?

Taktsang Monastery is perched on a slippery high cliff at 3000ft above Paro valley and 1024ft above sea level, overlooking beautiful Paro valley. Tigernes’t monastery is best known for its spectacular scenic view mostly among tourist.

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How do I get to Takstang Monastery?

If you are holding the night at Paro town, then you can start your journey at 8 am the next morning, its take almost 20-minute drives to reach tiger’s nest monastery base camp.

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There will be lots of souvenir shops selling different stuff at a very reasonable price and you can also hire pony if you can’t walk till above, it cost around Nu.700-Nu.800 in Bhutanese currency.

First View of tiger's nest monastery
photo courtesy: Robert Gold / flickers

First View of Takstang Monastery

After walking for some minutes, you can see the first Glimpse of tiger’s nest monastery hanging on a cliff surrounded by various prayers flags and I ensure you that it will be a breathtaking moment. The Trails of Tiger’s Nest will start challenging your determination, the more you step forward the more it becomes steep.

You can enjoy the beautiful scenery of pine trees and prayer flags fluttering in the air along the way.

Take a break in Takstang Cafeteria

About half away trails seem to settle a bit, and its best place to take photographs, you can also spin prayer wheel and take a break in Taktsang cafeteria but I will recommend you to continue your hike. 

From there journey seems so much easier but little risky, you need to walk down from a steep metal stair till waterfall and then cross certain steep above to reach the main entrance.

When you reach near waterfall you can hear water pounding on the rocks and it feels magical, refreshing and you can also hear monk chanting mantras that really rejuvenate your spirit.  It feels so alive standing there and witnessing the beautiful creation of nature. 

Prayer flags fluttering near Takstang Monastery
Photo courtesy: Robert Gold/flickers

Check-in to Main entrances of tiger’s nest monastery

When you reach the main entrance you need to hand over your cameras, cell phones and bags. The policeman provides you with a locker key for your safety and it’s highly restricted to take photographs inside the tiger’s nest monastery.

Once you are inside the temple, your guide will explain briefly about the temple and monument.

beautiful waterfall below tiger's nest monastery
photo courtesy: Stefan/flickers

Hire a tour guide if you really want to know more about this beautiful monastery. While coming down it normally takes around one and half hour.

|We will not encourage infant and elder people for this hike|

Best Hiking Gears and Clothing on your hike to Tiger’s Nest
  • Good quality hiking shoes and boots.
  • flexible full tracks pants and full shirt.
  • wear Hats to protect your face from direct sun rays.
  • wear sunglasses to protect your eyes.
  • carry one or two bottles of water to keep yourself hydrated.
  • carry cameras and mobile phones, since scenery will be amazing to take photographs.

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