Hollywood actor Charles Levin found dead in Los Angeles

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A 70-year-old Hollywood actor Charles Levin found dead in Los Angeles

The Oregon authorities are yet to examine final identification on Charles dead body. According to the source, the actor went missing from 8th July from Grant Pass.

Hollywood actor Charles Levin found dead in Los Angeles

Based on emergency cellphone ping Department of public safety Grant Pass operated search.  Levin’s dog boo bear was spotted inside the car.

The rescue team, later on, found remains of Charles body in a remote rugged terrain of Oregon.

 There is a ‘high chance ‘the remain will be of Charles Levin by Department of public safety.

Who is Charles Levin?

Charles Levin is a Native American Hollywood actor who started his Hollywood career from TV series “Seinfeld” and “Night court”.  Levin also played in several movies like “the Golden child”  “Annie Hall”.

He also worked in several television shows like tales from the dark side, Family Ties, The facts of life, NYPD blue, designing women and Falcon Crest.

Charles Levin Net worth

Charles Levin net worth is not yet revealed.

Charles Levin wife

Katherine De hetre born in September 1946 California was married to Charles Levin. She was an actress and later on died on December 29, 2007.

As per CNN Report

Charles levin remain found  as per CNN report

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