July 2019 lunar eclipse is going to be visible worldwide

Lunar Eclipse is going to be visible on 16th July 2019 in some part of the world

Some part of the world is going to be dark as the July 2019 lunar eclipse is going to be visible worldwide

This is the exact time when Apollo 11 mission blasted off after touching the lunar surface for a few minutes.

The eclipse is going to effect across Asia, United Kingdom, whole Africa, some part of America and Australia as per the source.

July 2019 lunar eclipse is going to be visible worldwide

At what time is the lunar eclipse today?

As per NASA eclipse is going too held between 10.31BST and 9.31pm UTC.

Stuart Atkinson state that eclipse moon rising will depends on where you are: if you are in the south of UK you will observe earlier than the north. Moonrise time in Kendal is 21:30, in London its 20min earlier and north of Scotland will be later on.

You can get a better view if you have a pair of well zoom binocular or telescope rather than observing with your naked eyes. The moon’s disc will look bigger for a start, and the subtle colour of the moon will look more obvious. The eclipses will be visible for hours letting people see more clearly.

You all can easily check local moon rise time using any weather apps or by browsing online.

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What is Lunar Eclipse?

A lunar eclipse happens when three celestial body sun, earth and moon align together, leaving the moon hidden from the sun by the earth. Lunar eclipses happen only during a full moon at night.

During lunar Eclipse earth completely block sunlight from reaching the moon. As light is refracted light, that appears to be reddish in colour commonly known as the blood moon.

It is safe to watch lunar Eclipse?

NASA has brief that Lunar Eclipse is completely safe to watch with your naked eyes, not like a solar eclipse.

During Lunar eclipse you don’t have to wear eclipse glasses or radiation filter glass.


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