Experience River rafting in Bhutan on your Vacation

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The tiny Himalayan Kindom of Bhutan is rugged with unspoiled high mountainous terrains, shallow cliffs, a clear lake and thick biodiversity making it suitable for river rafting and kayaking in Bhutan.

Explore white water rafting with the most experienced rafting companies in Bhutan “Druk rafting services” managed and operated by groups of Bhutanese enthusiasts.

The price of rafting in Bhutan starts from Nu.2500 till Nu.3500 during peak season.

white water rafting in Bhutan
white water rafting in Bhutan

The rafting company also facilitates outdoor camping, bonfires etc along with protective rafting gear like a helmet, swimsuit during your rafting period.

Rafting in Bhutan is totally safe, no technical knowledge is required. The rafting guide gives you some important aspects like how to do paddling while crossing fast-moving rapid etc. moreover rafting is comprised of 10-12 km.

If you want to experience an Adrenaline rush rafting in the Bhutan river then most probably, you can plan your trip between May-July month.

During that month, Bhutan receives the highest rainfall, that ultimately increases the water level and your rafting experience becomes more interesting.

White Water Rafting in Bhutan Cancellation Policy

The particular Groups or individuals need to inform before 72 hours to the rafting companies, if they want to cancel the event. In case they failed then they have to pay for all the costs involved.

Some important Highlights:

rafting in Bhutan
rafting in Bhutan

Required No.of People: 4-10 people at max.
Start Point: Near Punakha Dzong.
Pick up time: 9:00 am sharp
Children: Maximum age required 10 years and above.

Finally, you need to bring in Good footwear shoes, sun cream to protect your skin and hat.

Check out Druk Rafting Service in Bhutan Details:

Location: Punakha

Phone Number: +975-17612586/16917667

Email: raftingbhutan@gmail.com


I hope River rafting in Punakha Bhutan might not be that much challenging but it will be definitely safe with lots of fun at the end.

Let us know, how was your rafting experiences in Bhutan in our comment section below also share our articles if you like them with your friends and family.

Thank You!

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