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Imagine living in the coldest place on Earth, where the average temps during the winter hover around -30°F and some days can dip down to -95°F. This is the life Kiun B 23-year-old lived every day growing up.

Many of us dread stepping even a foot outside if the weather drops below freezing.

However, she and her family love their hometown, and in her blog, Kiun B shares what this life looks like with the world, along with other videos regarding her recent experiences living in Bejing, China, and her passion for climate change. 

So, who is Kiun B, and why are her blog and YouTube videos making such a splash on social media?

Let’s take a quick look.

Who is Kiun B?

Kiun B is a 23-year-old native to Yakutsk, the capital of the Sakha Republic in Russia and not very far from the Arctic Circle, where they speak the unique Sakha Language and Russian similar to Maria Solka from channel life in Yakutia.

Living life in such a unique location gave Kiun the opportunity to utilize social media and the internet to start a career doing all the things she loves by sharing them with her followers. 

It was in 2020 the Kiun blog site was born, and it didn’t take long for her videos to start gaining the interest of the public. While few people feel inclined to live right next to the arctic circle, plenty of us is interested in what that life would look like.

B. is a soft-spoken woman with a kind face and a bubbly personality that emphasizes her kindness and joy for life.

Life Growing Up in the Coldest Place on Earth

Kiun B has many fond memories of life growing up in the frigid environment she calls home. She says that although life was much different compared to other places around the world, it was something you just did. Growing up in those conditions allowed people the opportunity to adapt and enjoy it.

What Did Kiun B do For Fun?

There are many ways to enjoy yourself, even outdoors during the winter. As long as you are properly dressed and well prepared, you can go to outdoor markets, ice fish or skate, and even ice swimming. 

In one video, Kiun goes into detail about how important it is to cover every inch of your body before going outside or frostbite is inevitable. 

Food Source in coldest places of Yakutia

Fishing and hunting are important sources of food in Yakutia.

It is impossible to grow fruits and vegetables due to the harsh climate. In the late autumn, before the cold winter, Yakuts will prepare for annual traditional fishing known as “Munkha”.

The whole villagers take part in this fishing event.

Every Munkha ice fishing event locals get several hundred kilograms of fish that they preserve for the winter.

Kiun B Biography

Real NameKiun B
Age23 year old as of 2022
Birth PlaceYakutia, Russia
Nationality Russian
PrefessionYouTube creator
Relationship Statusunknown
Net Worth$16,023

Education Background

After finishing up her early education in a Siberian School, Kiun was moved to Mosco, where she earned her Master’s Degree in Research.

She enjoyed her studies and was dedicated to higher education and going into the field of science, which was another passion of hers. 

Kiun B Careers and Interests

After obtaining her Master’s Degree, Kiun was able to land a job in marketing for a private company.

However, that job only lasted three years before her real passion took hold, taking her back to Sibiria to do research and experiments on climate control and global warming.

Current Relationships

Kiun B spends tons of time with friends and keeps herself busy with her work and interests. She is currently not married, and it is unclear and not likely she is seriously dating at this time. However, there is no concrete evidence to point in either direction.

Kiun B Religion and Ethnicity

People living in Yakutsk practice their own religion, which is a combination of shamanism and Eastern Orthodox. This religion believes in the soul spirit that lives in the forest as well as the paranormal.

What is Kiun B Net Worth?

As of January 2022, Kiun B’s net worth is around $16,023, which is much lower than many popular YouTubers who are currently making millions posting videos online. 

However, for only having two years invested in her channel and being a travel blog, this isn’t a bad start. 

We should also add that there are many other forms of income accumulating from her channel, with an advertisement, product sales, etc. This means she is probably bringing home more than the net worth amount listed.

What Makes Yakutsk so Special

When talking about Yakutsk, Kiun has many wonderful things to say about the people, environment, and other parts of the town that makes it special to her. 

First, Yakutsk is home to one of the world’s largest Diamond deposits hidden under the permafrost (permanently frozen ground.)

Diamonds are just one of the many gifts from nature scattered about this 90% un-touched environment. 

Kiun B also frequently talks about the delicious traditional Yaktsk cuisine, the unique and fabulous style, and the friendly and warm faces that pepper the local towns.

Final Thoughts

Kiun B age 23 is well-spoken and has a natural way of communicating and telling a story that draws in attention and piques her audience’s interest.

For more information on living your life in the coldest place on Earth, tune into Kiun B’s YouTube Channel.

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