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Kurt Caz (age 20) is one of the leading travel YouTubers. He travels around the world, recording everything that he does. He tries to do things a little bit differently from other YouTubers, though. While other travel YouTubers are often recording some of the most beautiful places in the world, Kurt loves to get a bit more dangerous. His videos, mostly, focus on dangerous neighbourhoods and countries, mostly in South America.

He got interested in travelling around the world shortly after his father died. While Kurt Caz doesn’t talk about his private life all that much, he has spoken heavily about his father’s passion for travelling and how it rubbed off. He has an estimated net worth of $2 million.

As near as we can tell, Kurt does not have a wife. Many of his videos actually feature him talking to the local ladies.

Despite some information that you may find online, Kurt Caz is not an MMA fighter. At least, there is no evidence in his YouTube videos or social media accounts that he is.

We aren’t quite sure how that rumour got started. He wouldn’t even be able to find the time to compete with how long he is spending on the road!

Where is Kurt Caz From?

Despite some information floating around to the contrary, Kurt Caz comes from South Africa.

We have seen some information that says that he comes from Germany. However, this is incorrect. This information likely comes from the fact that he lived in Germany for a short period of time.

How Old Is Kurt Caz?

As we said, Kurt doesn’t talk about his personal life all that much. However, he is likely to be in his mid to late 20s.

He certainly isn’t in his 30s as he has posted several pictures of his dad from the 80s, and this was before Kurt was born.


Real NameKurt Caz
AgeLate 20s
Girlfriend Not in relationship
NationalitySouth African
Height6ft (183 cm)
Net Worth$2 million

What is Kurt Caz’s Net Worth? (YouTube Income)

With 750,000 subscribers, Kurt really isn’t hurting for cash.

Obviously, it is impossible for us to know exactly how much he is making per day. However, estimates suggest that he is making around $1,500 per day from YouTube views.

This is before you even factor in the fact that Kurt is making money from sponsorships on his videos.

If we had to guess, we would say that if Kurt isn’t a millionaire right now, he will be in the future.

Kurt Caz YouTube Career

He got interested in travelling around the world shortly after his father died.

Kurt felt that to further honour his father’s memories he wanted to share with the world the beautiful places despite rumours.

He officially uploaded his first youtube video on September 2, 2019, about the time he nearly drowned in Lake Como, Italy.

Since then his series of videos has mainly been to different countries with 20 to 30 minutes in each video.

Caz has visited Bulgaria, Poland, Italy, Spain, Egypt, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Dominican Republic, Ecuador and Pakistan.

His most popular video includes him going inside the most dangerous hood in the Dominican republic. This video has garnered over 8.6 million views despite only being uploaded in July 2021.

Kurt Caz still intends to visit new nations and go to locations that your normal travel vlogger does not visit which is what makes his channel intriguing.

This inspires viewers to travel and not be afraid to go to a non-tourist area while keeping their safety in mind.

Caz continues to give inspirational messages to his viewers in some of his vlogs such as stories from his father or stories about being not afraid to try new things which create a closer connection between the creator and the viewers.

Who is Marianny Dey? Kurt’s Girlfriend

Marianny Dey is a Spanish vlogger & Digital creator who once made a video together with Kurt on the largest zip line in the world in UAE. she has 90000 subscribers on YouTube as of 2022.

Kurt Caz is believed to be dating Marianny Dey.

Marianny Dey is a Venezuela YouTube creator born on November 12, 1995, in Petare, Caracasin and her age is 27 years old as of today. Most of her content is her daily vlogs, travelling to exotic places and food reviews.

There is a rumour online about Marianny Dey and Kurt Caz dating but there is no strong proof of their relationship.

She is popular for her travel vlogs like “look what I found in Morroco, Venezuela and “Rio De Janeiro with my Brazilian friend”.

She runs a popular travel vlog on YouTube with over 169000 subscribers and growing exponentially every single day.  Marianny has completed her education in Venezuela but we couldn’t find her parent’s details.

Is Kurt Caz Alive?

Yes. While Kurt Caz often talks about travelling to some of the most dangerous places on the planet like Eva Zu Beck. we can assure you that he is still alive. He still posts almost every single day across his social media channels!

Yes. he did fake his own kidnapping at one point. No. He was not in any danger.


Kurt Caz is one of the leading travel YouTubers. He has been on the site for several years, gaining hundreds of thousands of subscribers. If you are looking for something a bit different from your average travel vlogger, then check him out.

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