old picture of Cierra and Kyles Cabin in the Boundary Waters

Kyles cabin Age, Cierra, Cost, name, Location, Net Worth

Kyles (age 24 as of 2022) and his girlfriend Cierra build an off-grid cabin last spring located in northern Minnesota for around $10000. The couple lives a little bit differently than most millennials do. They are completely off-grid without any plumbing and no running water. Kyles cabin has all the comforts of a home that…

Jason Rupp with jenlalisa thai vlogger making video together in the street of bangkok

Jason Rupp Age, wife, Barber, Bio, Net Worth

Jason Rupp is one of the more unique travel bloggers on YouTube. Rather than just travelling around the world, the guy loves to be pampered in some of the strangest destinations on the planet. This is why his YouTube channel, Travel & Pamper, has almost managed to hit 500,000 subscribers. He has an estimated net…

Ruhi cenet visited Turkey's first and only science village

Ruhi Cenet Age, wife, Wikipedia, Net Worth, Family

Ruhi Cenet was born on October 20, 1990, in the city of Aydin, Turkey. He is an independent documentary filmmaker from Istanbul.  Most of his videos are like discovering unique places that are not and documenting them.  As of 2022 his age is 31 years old and has acquired a net worth of $2.5 million from two of his successful YouTube channel….

Peter Santenello Hanging out with cousin at his bar in Hoboken, New Jersey

Peter Santenello Age, Wife, Net Worth, Bio, Hasidic

With over 950,000 subscribers, Peter Santenello (age 45 as of 2022) is one of the leading independent journalists on YouTube. He is famed for producing journalistic content that tackles subjects that the mainstream media doesn’t dare to tackle. He accomplishes this by sticking to the facts, and he doesn’t allow his political views to sway…

Dan Hurd Getting ready for Gold mining

Dan Hurd Prospecting, Age, Wife, Net Worth, Location

There are some pretty unique YouTube channels out there. Very few are as unique as the YouTube channel run by Dan Hurd aka Danielle Hurd (age 65 as of 2022). The Kelowna gold prospector loves to share his adventures tracking down gold deposits, minerals, and a whole lot more. As of 2022, Dan has an…

Picture of Miller Wilson with two giant stone fish caught from Tin Can Bay, Queensland

Miller Wilson Age, Girlfriend, Location, Net Worth, Merch

If you strive to be a YouTube star, Australia is a great place to live. Exhibit A: Miller Wilson. The Aussie has made a gigantic splash on the platform for years, backed by a Steve “Crocodile Hunter” Irwin-esque zest for life and passion for wildlife, especially the unique animals found in his native land. The…

Xander Budnick enjoying fire made in the wild

Xander Budnick Age, Wiki, Brother, Net Worth, wife

Xander Budnick is a popular YouTube influencer in his late twenties who posts videos of camping, whitewater canoeing, and survival training in the Canadian wilderness. He has over 150,000 followers on YouTube and continues to grow his following every day with almost 40 million views. Xander Budnick is twenty-six years of age and was born…

Picture of Kiun B enjoying in snow

Kiun B Age, Net Worth, Career, Boyfriends,Yakutia

Imagine living in the coldest place on Earth, where the average temps during the winter hover around -30°F and some days can dip down to -95°F. This is the life Kiun B 23-year-old lived every day growing up. Many of us dread stepping even a foot outside if the weather drops below freezing. However, she…

Kurt Caz with his friend Stephan enjoying in Cusco, Peru

Kurt Caz Age, Wife, MMA, Bio, Net Worth

Kurt Caz (age 20) is one of the leading travel YouTubers. He travels around the world, recording everything that he does. He tries to do things a little bit differently from other YouTubers, though. While other travel YouTubers are often recording some of the most beautiful places in the world, Kurt loves to get a…

Picture of Jake and Nicole in snowy mountain of Canada

Jake and Nicole Age, Marriage, Dogs, Net Worth

Who Are Jake and Nicole? Jake Mace age 40 (born November 25, 1981) and his fiancé Nicole (age 26) are popular Youtube sensations who post videos of their off-grid life in British Columbia, Canada. Jake and Nicole Living Off Grid Youtube channel’s net worth is listed as $1.9 million as of December 2021. Their channel…