Bhutan Country Code-What is dial code of Bhutan?

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Before making every international call you need to add a particular country code or dial code number. So what is Bhutan country code or dial code number?

00- Is an exit or access code of Bhutan

 (Exit code is a type of code required for an international call from those countries)

975- Bhutan country code

8 digit mobile number or 6 digits fixed-line number

Here are the rules for calling Bhutan from foreign countries

EXIT CODE + 975 +Area code+ Mobile number or else fixed-line number

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What is a dial code or Phone code?

It is a set of 3 to 4 numeric digits used while making an international call and also represents the geographical location of particular countries.

20 Dzongkhag Bhutan Area Code

Dzongkhag /StatesArea CodeDial Code
Pema gatshel700975-7
Samdrup Jongkhar700975-7
Trashi yangtse 400975-4
wangdi phodrang200975-2
Tsirang600975- 6
Gasa200975- 2
Haa800975- 8
Bumthang300975- 3
Lhuntse400975- 4
Mongar400975- 4

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